My name is Cathy and I love this planet. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Engineering, but once I was in the working world, I was looking for ways to do more for the planet. As I googled and searched the web for different sustainability tips, the sheer number of issues felt so overwhelming and it was hard to know where to start. I tried changing a lot of habits all at once, but since I didn’t have a plan or a foundation to build on, it was easy to fall out of the habits I wanted to keep. I started this blog to help others like me have a starting point and find what works for you to live a more sustainable life. Here, I will share my successes (and failures!) to hopefully help you transform your life – one step at a time.

Stuff I Love
  • Family
  • Dogs (photo ft. my 4-pawed nephew, Yogi!)
  • Trying new recipes
  • The Office
  • Running
  • Dancing Funny
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